Ms. Carolyne Shikuku
Designation: Senior Assistant Librarian

Message from the University Librarian

The library is one of the departments administered under the (Division of Academic, Student Affairs, and Research. The librarian reports directly to the Deputy Principal (ASA&R). The Library is the academic hub of KAFUCO, advancing, strengthening and enhancing research, education and innovation in a networked world. The library’s main function is to support the vision and mission of KAFUCO of teaching, learning, research and innovation.

The role of the library is to embed efficiency and effectiveness in its operations to facilitate the provision of quality services to its clientele. This is achieved through facilitating access to well-managed, diverse collections of information resources, conducive study spaces, information retrieval tools, and above all knowledgeable, courteous, respectful and helpful staff at all times.

The library is charged with the responsibility of supporting the teaching departments realize the core mandate of the University College through providing first and foremost, relevant and current information resources to the programmes offered at KAFUCO. Secondly, a safe environment for study that stimulates intellectual curiosity and exploration, thus encouraging collaboration and providing a platform for knowledge creation, transfer and sharing. Lastly but not least, innovative technologies in tandem with the paradigm shift and current trends in teaching, learning, research, scholarly publishing and communication.

In its quest to achieve quality service provision, the library is committed to a user-centered approach in all aspects of its operations and services. This is realized through designing its physical and online environments; extensive resources and digital collections towards the needs of its user community.

The library has developed a strategic plan as a management tool to provide the much needed strategic direction for the department; facilitate the establishment of its goals; guide decision making; shape its budgeting and resource allocation. The plan defines the key priorities thus facilitating the rationalization of what successful pursuits to embark on, the new initiatives to commence and most importantly, the activities to modify or suspend in the interest of maximizing its impact on the institution.

The library has recorded phenomenal growth since 2014 in terms of collection, infrastructure, patrons and staff. Construction of the ultra-modern library is currently underway and it is envisaged that this will be completed in the year 2024. This is a state-of-the art facility, with modern equipment, befitting the status of a university.

The library is harnessing ICTs in its operations and services to ensure economy, efficiency and effectiveness in a bid to achieve quality service provision. It is leveraging on the power of KOHA LMS to automate all its services and operations

In tandem with quality service provision the library has developed and is implementing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Integrity of research and academic honesty is at the heart of the library’s goals. To this end, the library has fostered collaboration with the Schools, Directorate of Graduate Studies (DGS) and the Directorate of Research, Innovation and Outreach (DRIO) to developed the Anti-plagiarism policy. Implementation of the policy is being achieved through the deployment of the Turnitin software, currently underway to enhance research integrity and academic honesty and in effect ensure the achievement of quality research output and the churning out of quality graduates for the labor market.